Classes & Workshops

A Play for Acting- Rachel Smith
A Play for Acting by Laurence Malt; Photo by: Patrick Handley

Rachel has experience in leading classes and workshops for people of all ages. Her teaching experience in combination with her background in directing has contributed to her growing success as an instructor.

Rachel has been a sessional instructor at Prairie Theatre Exchange as well as contract instructor with the Wpg No.1 School Division. She has taught Introduction to Acting workshops for Theatre and Film through various organizations including Panache Management.

Her range of workshops extends to Public Speaking. She offers workshops as well as private coaching and has even worked with the University of Manitoba Chemistry Department to help students with their skills.


Rachel offers Introductory Theatre Workshops for all ages as well as Private Coaching for individuals wanting to brush up their skills.

For information on the Theatre Workshops offered please visit her Group Workshops page.

If you have an upcoming audition and would like some Private Coaching, or would like the opportunity for one-on-one lessons, visit the Independent Coaching Page.

In addition to Theatre Workshops, Rachel also offers coaching on Public Speaking and in Networking Tools. For more information please visit the Embrace the Spotlight Page.

**NEW** Rachel now offers Film Classes and Audition Coaching!! Check out the new Acting for Film Page!



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