Independent Coaching

Audition Coaching

Even seasoned, professional actors have audition coaches. When you prepare a scene or a monologue it is hard to know what it looks like from an outside perspective. It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes look at your audition and provide you with feedback. Often in the audition room you never know what the director is going to ask of you. An audition coach can give you notes or ask you to try it a different way, which in turn prepares you for the unexpected.

Rachel has experience on both sides of the audition table. She knows what kinds of things directors look for but also knows the anxiety of being the one auditioning. As a teacher Rachel knows how to provide performance feedback in a constructive and open manner. If you have an upcoming audition and would like the help of an outside eye contact Rachel.


Scales and Arpeggios

As part of both her Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees, Rachel engaged in independent studies where she worked on her own rather than in a group. She has also created several solo performances. The work that she has done independently has provided her with the tools to keep her acting chops in shape with or without an upcoming show. Often actors depend on acting classes and workshops to stay “in shape” but that can be tough on budget. If you want some tips and exercises that you can incorporate in a regular independent rehearsal, Rachel can provide you with the tools do it on your own.

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