Group Workshops

Rachel offers theatre workshops for all ages. The length and frequency of the workshops on offer are flexible according to your company’s needs. Below are some of the available workshops. If there is a specific focus that you or your company is interested in, Rachel can work with you to develop a program that fits your needs. If you are an individual interested in taking one of these workshops, contact Rachel at


Classroom Fun

Introduce your students to the fun world of drama! Rachel can come to your classroom for some fun filled games that teach skills to kids. Classes will learn team building, improvisation, character development and how to bring their imaginations to life.


Tips for Teachers

Whether you want to teach your students some basic drama games or if you want to incorporate games into other subject areas, this workshop is great for bringing new ideas into the classroom. In this workshop you will learn some introductory drama games with explanations as to what kinds of skills the students learn with each game. If desired, Rachel can also provide some ideas as to how these games can be incorporated into lessons on other subject areas.


Release Your Inner Thespian

Intro for Adults! Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an actor? Perhaps you are a writer looking for inspiration to develop characters. Or maybe you want to get more comfortable in front of a crowd. An introductory workshop is a great way to learn something new.

Rachel can provide anything from a brief introduction to a regular class. If you or a group are interested Rachel can discuss some different workshop (or class) options.


The Next Step

The following workshops are intended for students who have had at least some previous theatre training. These workshops are a great way to further develop performance skills. If you do not have previous training but are interested in these programs, contact Rachel to discuss what kinds of options are available.


Intro to Styles

The world of theatre hosts many different styles of performances ranging from very funny Commedia Dell’Arte to more abstract Surrealism. During this course, students will have the opportunity to learn about some of the different styles of theatre. We will take a practical approach in learning the differences in characterisation, movement and interaction.

This can be taken as a workshop or class. In a workshop students will be given brief introductions to different styles and will have the opportunity to fully examine one style through scene study. As a class, the students will learn together a number of styles through scene-study which will help them to broaden their acting range and theatre knowledge.


Intro to Devised Theatre

Ever wanted to learn how to make a play from scratch? There are many different ways to craft an original play. Whether creating original work is something you aspire to do or if you just want to know what devised theatre is all about, this workshop is a constructive introduction. Rachel specializes in devised theatre and believes that learning to create using different methodologies is invaluable. Rachel feels it is important to share knowledge and wants to provide a starting point for your creative journey.

Check out Rachel’s Devised Theatre page to learn more.

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