Devised Theatre

Devised Theatre is an umbrella term that encompasses several different styles of theatre. It is generally described as a process where, rather than starting with an initial play script, a performance is developed during the rehearsal process using a variety of artistic inspiration. The process will often start with a concept or theme, followed by a research process where material is gathered from different sources such as: literature, academic papers, artwork, objects, film and music. Rehearsals begin by exploring and physically experimenting with the found material.

Rachel specializes in devised theatre. She studied it during her time at the University of Winnipeg which resulted in a sort of Undergraduate Thesis. She continued to study it when she pursued her Master’s Degree at the University of Manchester, UK. Much of her work as a theatre artist has been in creating original plays using a devised theatre process. She has found that no two plays have been developed in the same way. The material takes her on a creative journey and the result is always different than what she expected.

We live in a society where film and television are the most popular sources of entertainment. In order to build theatre audiences, Rachel is always looking for what theatre can offer that film cannot. This has inspired her to find ways to experiment within the performances she creates. Rachel is constantly looking for inspiration in everyday life and is always on the look-out for opportunities to create and collaborate, locally and internationally.


Insomnia; Antiscian Productions; Black Image Photography
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