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Rachel Smith has a Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theatre and Film from the University of Winnipeg, Canada. She strives to be a versatile artist and has experience working in a range of styles. Her work in Devised Theatre has included Collective Creation, Solo Performance, Site Specific Theatre, and Applied Theatre.

The Applied Theatre practices Rachel has been involved with have either been Theatre for Social Change projects or have been less politically focused and more community oriented. Projects have involved extensive research as well as community engagement through interviews. The community projects that she has worked on (and is currently working on) have also included archival research. Combining in-depth research with personal interviews continues to be an enriching challenge for Rachel. (For more information on the projects Rachel has created visit the Past Projects page.)

Rachel is a co-founder of Antiscian Productions, which has performed shows for the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festivals, Sarasvàti Productions FemFest Cabaret and for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg. The work ranges from light hearted comedy to movement based performance art. The company has also branched out to include large-scale art installations.

Rachel has found herself self-producing much of her own work but has also acted as an advisor for other artists looking to do the same. In order to better her knowledge in what it takes to be a producer and to organize events, she took a Festival and Event Management Masterclass with Paul Gudgin. The masterclass provided her with education and tools that she can apply directly to upcoming projects. Although the focus was primarily on hosting large events, such as the Fringe Festival, she is able to translate the information from a large scale event to a small scale production.

Rachel has worked as a Director primarily for independent productions both in Winnipeg and in Manchester. She has also been an Assistant Director for established Winnipeg theatre companies. She has worked as an Assistant and Associate Director with Sarasvàti Productions, as an Apprentice Director with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, and as an Assistant Director with Winnipeg Jewish Theatre. She has had a close working relationship with Sarasvàti Productions which has been a driving force in her professional career.

In addition to her artistic endeavours, Rachel teaches classes and workshops for the stage and screen. She has taught with Prairie Theatre Exchange, within the Wpg No.1 School Division, at the University of Manitoba, with Panache Management and with a variety of smaller organizations. For more information visit the Classes & Workshops pages.


A Play for Acting- Rachel Smith
A Play for Acting by Laurence Malt; Photo by: Patrick Handley


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