Acting for Film


Now offering Acting for Film and Audition Coaching! 


Rachel is an actor and a director so she has experience working on both sides of the audition table. She is able to offer perspective on what directors are looking for while having the ability to help actors get where they need to be.

Although the official business venture is new for Rachel, working with actors to develop their on screen presence is not. Rachel has helped numerous actors with upcoming auditions and has even helped actors over Skype and over the phone in some desperate situations. Even seasoned actors still seek help from an audition coach because it is always a good idea to have the help of an outside eye. If you have an upcoming audition Rachel will work with you to ensure you are in the best shape possible for the big day!


If you are looking for something more regular, Acting Lessons are also available. Whether you are an aspiring actor who wants to develop their skills or an experienced one looking for some extra pointers Rachel is here to help!


To book private coaching or to express interest in a class


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