Rachel Smith is an actor, director and writer  who continually strives to shape her craft and expand her repertoire. She specializes in Devised Theatre which has enabled her to create performances in collaboration with others or as a solo endeavour. She has self-produced, performed, directed and written independent productions but has also worked with established theatre companies in various capacities. She is a versatile artist who works in a range of styles and is always looking for further opportunities. She is currently based in Winnipeg, Canada with an eagerness to travel Nationally and Internationally.

For more information about Rachel Smith please see her Artist Bio and Projects pages.

For information on Rachel’s companies visit the Timeless Weaver and Antiscian Productions pages.

In addition to her work in the industry, she also has experience as an acting coach both in classroom settings as well as on an individual basis. She is available for workshops, lessons and audition coaching.

Rachel has a new confidence building program which includes Public Speaking and Networking Tools. Check out her Embrace the Spotlight page for more info!


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